The knitting adventures of a French Canadian girl in exile

Monday, November 24, 2014

Sunday Morning

Sunday Morning is a very simple pullover I designed to keep my son warm on our Sunday morning Fall strolls.

We love walking as a family, especially when it comes to a healthy hike in the woods. My little boy needed a no fuss sweater to keep him warm without being too hot, and I had some beautiful cotton yarn on hand. 

I designed a pullover with a few key accents, making this a fun and leisurely knit, but with a lot of impact. He loves to wear it for our long walks and for school too.

For the details, I decided to use the ribbing from the collar to create a V shape and to let some of the ribbing run along the lines of the raglan yoke. This, combined with a reverse stockinette base, made for a unique looking yoke that I liked very much.

The last detail I added was to have lines of ribbing running along the sides of the sweater, for an added sporty look. 

Sunday Morning is now available individually

As well as part of the Young Gentleman Knits collection.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Montauk wrap

Montauk is a lovely wrap made out of knits and purls. I makes for a very easy project, and creates a super warm fabric.

For this wrap I wanted something warm and simple, to cover the shoulders over my Fall coat. I found this pretty knits and purl stitch pattern and I instantly knew I had to make a wrap out of it. I had 5 skeins of Cascade 220 in my stash, and I knew it was just a little under what I usually need for a sweater. So a wrap it was! 

And now that Fall is finally bringing its crisp winds our way, I barely take it away from my shoulders.

Montauk is now available for individual download:

And as a part of the Frugal Knitting collection: