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Monday, October 20, 2014

Montauk wrap

Montauk is a lovely wrap made out of knits and purls. I makes for a very easy project, and creates a super warm fabric.

For this wrap I wanted something warm and simple, to cover the shoulders over my Fall coat. I found this pretty knits and purl stitch pattern and I instantly knew I had to make a wrap out of it. I had 5 skeins of Cascade 220 in my stash, and I knew it was just a little under what I usually need for a sweater. So a wrap it was! 

And now that Fall is finally bringing its crisp winds our way, I barely take it away from my shoulders.

Montauk is now available for individual download:

And as a part of the Frugal Knitting collection:

Thursday, September 11, 2014


Beckley cardigan

Beckley is a very fun little cardigan, and best of all it is worked in bulky weight! Yes, Bulky weight! It had been quite a long time since I had worked on size 10 needles, and I must admit whipping up a cardigan in less than a week made me wonder why I don't use those large needles more often.

The cardigan is worked from the bottom up, then seamed at the shoulder using a sturdy 3 needle bind off. Then stitches are picked up around the armholes and the sleeve caps are worked using short rows. The method is quite standard, but very satisfying, and I urge those of you (who were like me!) who have a dislike for short rows to give it a try. The result is really lovely, much like a perfectly seamed set-in sleeve. Without the seaming!

The beautiful shawl collar is picked up after the rest of the cardigan is finished and worked in garter stitch, using short rows to shape the fold up at the neck. I used a I-Cord bind off to make the edges neater. 

I also made the size range super wide, so you can use the same pattern from 3m to 10y! And this is all there is to it! No fuss, no pain! Just a quick project! 

Go to the collection page here!

Buy the individual pattern: