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Friday, May 2, 2014

Young gentleman Knits: a collection just for little boys (girls welcome too!)

Ha! Those perfectly adorable little buggers... who wouldn't love them? I love little boys, with their boundless energy and unrestrained enthusiasm, and the fact that I have one of my own only adds to my affection for the young gentlemen of this world.

But the origins of this particular collection are all tied up to my very own little boy, and one innocent question: "Mommy, when will you make me a sweater?". This one question sent me on a new mission in life : build up a collection of knitting patterns for the little boy in my life.

"Mommy, when will you make me a sweater?"

You see, my first few designs were for my son, and he was also the recipient of the very first knitted piece I made! I always loved to knit for him and I have a monstrous amount of yarn intended to use for garments or accessories for him. But sadly, it had been a while since I designed something for him, because he spent some months (years actually!) refusing to wear anything I made for him. After a while, I started busying myself with various women's designs, and neglected my first love for designing things the little boys.

This year, I will be renegading on this omission with a collection of 7 designs for little boys (you could totally adapt any of these to the little girl in your life too, and I bet she would be adorable in them!), all to be published in the current of the year 2014. This collection will be proceeding the same as my previous collections, with a discounted price of 15$ until the completion of the collection and a final price of 18$ when all the pattern are added. Each pattern will also be available individually, and added to the collection as soon as they are finished.

ALL the patterns in the collection will be seamless. I hate seams (even if I am also an avid quilter and sewer, I strongly like to separate the two crafts!), and none of the designs will have any other seams than the simple 3 needles bind off.

Special promotion notification for my newsletter subscribers only:
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  • a 50% discount on the price of selected individual patterns valid for the first 2 weeks of the pattern's release 
  • The collection will be 15$ from the first pattern release until 2 weeks after the last pattern release - no coupon code needed! After 2 weeks from the release of the last pattern in the collection, the price will be 18$ for the collection, same as my other patterns.
Buy the collection here:

So, without making you wait for more, here are the few first patterns of this new exciting collection:


This first design in the collection makes good use of an old favorite of mine: variegated yarns. I love variegated yarns dearly, especially for children's designs, and I always look forward to good ways to show them at their best advantage.

 Variation is a seamless drop shoulder pullover worked form the bottom up in a simple allover texture. The sleeves are picked up from the body and worked to the cuffs with moderate tapering. The V-Neck collar is moderately deep and picked up at the end.

Variation uses versatile worsted weight yarn, and is simple enough to be worked at a speedy pace in no time. All this makes Variation an extra comfortable sweater that your little boy will love to wear as much as mine does!


Selzer is a simple top down pullover with saddle shoulders and eye catching colorblocks. It is both easy and eye catching and the all-jersey fabric will make this project fly off your needles like magic!

Selzer pullover

The Seltzer pullover makes a fast project, uses worsted weight yarn and can easily be adapted to a 2 color variation! The fit is moderately generous, for both comfort and style and is already a favorite of my little boy.

Seltzer is able to offer a wide age range and a versatility that can be used for many year. The fact that the pattern is very easy makes it a good staple in your pattern library: I am already on my third of the same pattern in less than 4 months!

Released as off 06/05/2014


Nobel is a sophisticated and striking vest worked with 2 cable panels making for a very impressive garment.

The pattern is fully charted and will dress up your little man with a lot of distinction without making your heart bleed! It's only a vest after all.. Unless you opt for the sweater version... coming soon!

Released as of 06/20/2014!


Beckley Street is a classic cardigan worked in a fun bulky weight yarn, perfect for a Fall project. It flies off the needles and can be easily customized too. It features a shawl collar and sophisticated set in sleeves!

Released as of 09/20/2014!

Sunday Morning

Sunday Morning is a very simple pullover worked from the top-down. It features raglan shaping for the yoke and a simple V shape grown organically from the collar ribbing. Ribbing lines race on the sides to add a little extra polish, perfect for the Sunday Morning strolls.

Released as of 11/24/2014!

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  1. A born model -- I made this comment in FPT, but I never saw that one where his fingers are pointing at himself, love it!! Love the vest he's wearing the best, too.