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Friday, May 2, 2014


Variation is the first sweater I knitted for my little boy in quite some time. Now, before you frown your eyebrows and condemn me as a bad knitter-mom, I had to tell you he absolutely refuse to wear anything I made for him for over a year! No matter what it was, it was literally torn apart in his frenzy to get it off! I tried everything, from cheap acrylic to expensive superwash merino wool, but he would not wear it. Nada. Nothing.

Variation pullover
But finally, one faithful day, he was looking at we while I was knitting something, and he said : "Mommy, when are you going to make me a sweater?". At that, I dropped my needles immediately and I said : "Anytime you want, it would make me very happy!". 

"Mommy, when are you going to make me a sweater?"
And he asked, his eyes full of hope : "Can I choose the color?". Off course, I could not refuse and this was his very own choice. The yarn is Lorna's Laces Sheperd Worsted and the color is "Goblin" (I think this colorway is discontinued now, but not sure!). I chose the yarn because I knew it was super soft and would be easy to care for, and I let him choose from the seemingly never ending choice of colors.

Lorna's Laces Shepherd Worsted Yarn - '10 October - Goblin
Lorna's Laces Shepherd Worsted
Color "Goblin"

Now, as my son had chosen a variegated yarn, I had to find the right stitch pattern to go with it. I did not want to go with garter stitch, as this takes forever and consumes too much yarn. I did not want to go with plain stockinette, as I don't quite like the effect. After a few tries, I finally found out a stitch pattern I liked enough with this strongly variegated yarn: a simple rib like pattern that would be a breeze to knit!

This shows my yarn quite nicely!
Now, I knew I had to thread on delicately for this sweater, as anything deemed "not comfortable" would threaten this renewed love for things mommy-made. I know my son hates things too close to his neck and absolutely abhors any clothing that pulls on his ears when he gets it off. This decided on the neckline: V-Neck it was! No pulled out ears problems and no scratchy neck too; it was the perfect solution. It even has the advantage of being super cute!

V-Neck details on Variation
I choose to have it at a moderate length, not too deep so it could only be worn with a shirt or a polo, but definitely not close to the skin. I think the results are quite good, if I may say so myself!

Yay: I'm cute!

Next was the choice of the overall shape and fit of the sweater and for this I decided to go with the most comfortable - and simple - of all: a moderately large drop shoulder pullover all worked in the round with picked up sleeves at the armholes. The result is a very simple silhouette, with ample ease for the ever moving little boy (or girl, off course) and no pesky seems to bother either the knitter or the wearer!

So, in short, Variation is a bottom-up pullover, started with a firm 1X1 ribbing for the hem, continued in the round in a lovely large rib pattern that take advantage of the unique beauty of variegated yarns and worked flat to the shoulder with a simple but refined V-Neck shaping. The shoulders are seamed with an easy 3 needles bind off, for a stable and durable stable.

Shoulder detail - Variation pullover
The sleeves are picked up around the straight drop shoulder and are worked to the cuffs in the round. This makes for very comfy sleeves, with easily adjustable length.

An adjustable fit = great looks and comfort!

Variation is available individually as well as part of my new collection "Young Gentleman Knits", a collection of garments and accessories for the little boy (or girl) in your life!

Go to the collection page here!

Buy the individual pattern

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