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Friday, June 20, 2014


Nobel vest

For me, Nobel was a work of love and labor! I took extreme pleasure in working the complex cable, pairing the cables and adjusting them for the chart so they would fit perfectly together. It is truly a refined vest with those large cables and meandering twisted stitches creating the fabric of a perfect outfit to keep warm the growing body of a future Nobel prize winner!

Nobel vest cable details
The vest is constructed in a very classic way, with a ribbing hem and 2 large charted cable panels, one on the front and one on the back. The refined V-Neck completes a timeless look, for a garment you can be proud of!

I used one of my favorite easy care yarns for this design, Berroco Comfort, in a lovely shade of heathered grey. I love working with it, and it goes in and out of the wash without blinking, which is something that I don't find true about most washable yarns. It also is more of an Aran than a worsted weight, which is a nice compromise when you don't really want a bulky yarn.

So if you are looking for that perfectly challenging cabled project, Nobel is just right for you!

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Thursday, June 5, 2014


Seltzer pullover

Seltzer is a very fun little sweater I already knitted 2 times! In fact, I am currently working on my third Seltzer....

Seltzer is a classic saddle shoulder pullover, worked entirely seamlessly from the top down. The design makes good use of the clever construction by using stripes and color work, to create a strong visual impression out of a very easy pattern.

I really love the fact that it is completely seamless, and that the design is very adaptable. The use of a worsted weight wool blend was my choice, and my little boy loved the colors and wore the sweater to school regularly until the weather warmed too much to justify wearing it!

It is also very easy to adapt the size of this design by adding or subtracting length to the sleeves and the body. If you want to customize it, simply choose the chest size you desire, and follow the instructions for a different length!

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