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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Apple Bloom

Apple Bloom is the second shawl of my 2013 collection, 'Ode to the Spring'. For this light and feminine shawl, I took my inspiration from one of my favorite Spring sight: a flowering apple tree.

Apple Bloom shawl
For this shawl, I took my inspiration from the lovely shades of Spring green from the wonderful yarn from Biscotte&Cie, and a leafy themed seemed appropriate. I have a long lasting love of all things vintage and I took my inspiration for the edging by combining different vintage edging from a very old knitting book. The result is both soft and delicate, and I can say I do treasure my own sample!

Flowering apple tree
I made the shape to be long and narrow, with a slight curve in the center to flatter the lovely large edging.

A fairly simple shawl, with classic lines and fit for an advanced beginner looking forward to her first lace project!

As far as my design process goes, it mostly started, as usual, with a beautiful yarn: a single skein of Biscotte&Cie La Douce. I can't say enough good things about this yarn: I would stash it up to my hearth's contempt in a jiffy! I don't often encourage people to buy something, but this yarn is worth a try!

Biscotte&Cie La Douce
In color "Pouce verte"

I hope you liked the pictures of the shawl: they were taken by the wonderful photographer Carolina Carvalho-Cross of TripleC Photography. Check out her website here!

You can now buy Apple Bloom!

Or buy the "Ode to the Spring" collection. When you buy the collection, it gives you a significant discount compared to buying each pattern individually!

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