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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Winter Berries Scarf

This is the prototype of my lastest scarf design, intended to be a gift for my grandmother for this upcoming Christmas. I used the Valley Yarns Northamptons in the color Natural to do it and I am very pleased with the results!

The pattern in itself is relatively easy and since it is worked up in worsted weight wool, it is both warm and quick to make! I find it elegant and feminine, and I like how the ruffles complement the crescent shape of the scarf. More pictures?

Test begins today, 12/15/2011... until 01/15/2012. Pattern to be release right after the end of test.

After some deliberation, I decided to knit a second sample of this scarf, to validate the test and to make one for myself, as the original sample is a gift for this coming Christmas.

The pattern is now available trough Ravelry: Winter Berries


  1. Marjorie, I purchased your pattern for Winter Berries and began work yesterday. I must tell you that this is the best, most accurate and complete pattern I have worked in a long time! It is so much fun to work, I can't put it down! And I'm so looking forward to wearing the gorgeous finished product. You're a gem! Can't wait to work another of your great patterns :)

  2. Okay, I so need help! I am lost on this. I have started over three times and each time it looks different and I am getting confused. I have knitted for ten years and it is the make 1's that are confusing me. Especially when I have to purl the next stitch. I feel as though I should be yarning over, but I know that isn't correct. When I do a backwards loop when I get to the next row it is difficult to knit and does not feel like I am doing the right thing. Does it matter how I make one or can I pick up an inbetween stitch, or if I did it an alternative way would it affect how the pattern comes out? I can mentally see what the pattern is supposed to be like when I read it, but in practice I think I am doing something wrong. Help!

    1. For the increases, the M1 I use can be seen on this video:

      You can also use the make 1 increase I have on my blog, both should give you a nice result. You can use another method of your choice as well, as long as you are comfortable with it and it does not disturb the stitches surrounding. The choice of the increase is not critical in this pattern and you can use the one you are most comfortable with.

      For passing the first stitch over the last 2 sts you just knit, what you should do is knit 3 stitches, then pull the first of those 3 stitches with your left hand needle and pass it over the last 2 stitches. It will reduce the stitch count by 1 stitch, and create a the horizontal bar you can see in the pattern between the yarn over holes.

      I hope this will get you started on the right foot for your mother's Christmas gift!

  3. I am on my second one of these..The first one was a struggle, but beautiful in the end.. The second one I did the first 25 rows over 4 times.. The increases on the ruffle are a challenge to keep straight. But the second one went a lot smoother..I have about an inch of ruffle on now..It's a very impressive pattern finished!!

  4. How do you start the ruffle, from the 3 stitches left? Do you just k2 tog then start knitting one stitch?

    This is a very beautiful scarf.

  5. Hi, I'm on my second scarf and this is such a great pattern. I do have a question about the ruffle. The ruffle in the photos looks different to mine and I think its in the increases. My two increase rows are noticeable, but yours don't seem to be. The actual ruffle seems to start right from the picked up stitches. Is this the case? Is there another way to do the ruffles?

    Other than this I love this pattern and I suspect will make more.

    Kathy Dychton