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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Asymmetrical studies

Hi again!

We planned a nice trip in the Adirondack park for the Veteran's Day weekend and this leaved me with a 3.5 hours drive of knitting time, back and forth! I had a lot of enthusiasm after the first prototype of Dichotomy, and I thought a variation on this theme may be a very good way to show off the nice colors of my two balls of Chroma in the Mesa colorway.

Here is a picture of the yarn in question:

I like asymmetrical pieces and I wanted to bring the best of the self striping yarn, so I decided to try a very asymmetrical triangular scarf. I used both the variation in gauge and different rate of increases to create the strong asymmetry of the scarf.

The project was fast and rewarding and the yarn is so soft I can't wait to wear it around my neck!

As of 12/12/2011, I am knitting the second sample of this design, along with the test, in another Knitpicks Chroma worsted colorway: midwinter.

today, 12/18/2011, I finished the second sample of Asymmetry, to be sent to Knitpicks for their IDP. Here are some pictures I took on my dress form:

Pattern now published on Ravelry here: Asymmetry

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