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Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Hi all!

I was a bit tired of the long run projects I was working on: a women's cardigan in a DK weight (that I kept secret in order to present it for Knitty) and a large throw for my grandparents, called Les Epinettes. Altough both large projects are in good heatlh, my motivation was starting to get low and I was hungry for a smaller, instant gratification project.

So I started swatching and head scratching in the car this weekend, while my husband was driving in our way to Bear Mountaint state park. I wanted to use some worsted weight yarn, and I have plenty in my rater large stash.

I finally picked both the pattern and the yarn from my stash and here is what I came up with, in about 2-3 hours!

The yarn I used was Thaki Yarns New Tweed, but I had to grab two label-less balls from a lot I purchased long ago, so I have no idea of the colors! I even think the yarn may be discontinued, but I am not sure.

Anyway, this was both fast and rewardingly fun, and this will be a very soon to be released pattern!

Edited on 11/18/2011

I finished the second prototype of this shawl with 3 other odd balls from my old Thaki Yarns New Tweed stash. This time, I made it a little bigger and I do love this size better. The pattern is under construction...

Ouff... I decided to knit this design a third time, to show it off in a more easily available yarn and a solid color. Surprisingle, I did not mind knitting this for a third time, so it must be a fun and fast project, because I hate knitting twice the same thing! Here it is, in Cascade Yarns Alpaca Lana D'Oro, in a bright lime color:

Edited on 11/21/2011: Testing begins today in the Ravelry Free pattern testers group!

Edited on 11/25/2011 to add the solid colored sample! 


  1. New to this sort of thing. Wanted to say, your scarf is beautiful! It is so nice, too, to be able to quickly produce something from time to time. Thanks!

  2. I would like to knit this shawl in two or more colors similar to your second prototype. Purchased the pattern, but not sure how to do the border. Help?

  3. My striped prototype was made using random stripes of various leftovers, and the border was made using the same yarn in a dark color, all in garter stitch.

    I hope it helps!

  4. Please can you let me know if this needs 450 yes as per the downloaded pattern or 400yds as advertised on craftsu before buying the pattern. I got 400 as I bought it before buying the pattern only to discover that I may not have bought enough. Therefore I can't now start the scarf as I was looking forward to doing so.