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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Millepertuis lace shawl

After having made Winter Berries and Calumet, I was so in love with the idea of ruffles that I decided to create a collection of patterns on this theme. I am like that most of the time: I can obsess on a precise idea for a while, mentally looking for all possible venues to exploit a theme. I realized that my current goal to go on an extreme yarn diet would allow me to do just this with my new obsession: ruffles. I can do as many ruffly designs I want, I have all the yarn I need to do so right in my office! So I decided to create a collection of at least 6 designs, and I named it ''It's so FLUFFY!'', after watching the movie Despicable me for about 100 times with my son (when he likes a movie, he can seriously ask for it 3 times a day...). I will include both Calumet and Winter Berries in the collection, so this is officially number 3 out of 6! Yay!

 This shawl has a classic top down construction and a triangular shape, and the ruffles are worked from the body, evolving naturally from the lace. Here are the first pictures of it:
I have to admit that this yarn is in fact a cheating on my yarn reduction mission: it was given to me by the very nice owner of Biscotte&Cie, an independant dyer from my Quebec homeland. The yarn is Felix, and the color is 'Sorbet'. It is absolutely marvelous, the color variation just interesting enough to let the simple lace stand out and is very soft. I would recommend the yarn to anyone, try it! The stitch pattern is very interesting and very easy. It comes from an old French stitchionary my mother gave to me and that she bought when she first learned to knit. You can have a better look at it in this picture:
My favorite thing about this design? The ruffles that grow out of the lace with large, round eyelets:
This will surely be a must in my spring wardrobe! Or maybe a gift to someone special?


  1. Je le trouve très beau et j'aimerais bien le faire. Où puis-je me procurer le patron? Je vais recevoir dans quelques jours de la Felix alors je le ferais. Merci.

  2. Hi! Pattern is in test right now and will be available trough Ravelry and Craftsy by the end of May. A link to the pattern will be posted as soon as it is released.

    Bonjour! Le patron est en test présentement et sera publié d'ici la fin du mois de mai sur Ravelry et Craftsy. Un lien sera affiché dès que le patron sera disponible.

  3. That shawl is gorgeous! I can't wait to get my hands on the pattern!!

  4. I just purchsed this pattern.....its lovely. Best of luck with your designs ! warm regards Lorraine