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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Tourbillon hat

Tourbillon is a simple single cabled hat in a versatile worsted weight yarn. It can be whipped in a short period of time and uses only a little yarn. This is the perfect weekend project!
For this hat, I used the very last remnants of the yarn I used for the prototype of my Dichotomy shawl. I had only a partial skein left, but I kept it because I can never get myself to trow away good yarn and also because I really liked it, particularly the color.

The hat is pretty easy, if you know how to work in the round and how to work cables. I really like how the cable is large and bold and stand out on the stockinette stitch background. Pattern is fully written and cable is both charted and written.

You can now buy the Tourbillon pattern as part of the Frugal Knitting collection:

Or as an individual pattern:

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