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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Earth's awakening

Earth's awakening is the third shawl of my 2013 collection, 'Ode to the Spring'. For this light and feminine shawl, I took my inspiration from the wonderful orderly lines of a freshly plowed cornfield.

Earth's Awakening

I grew up in a small rural town in the Province of Quebec, and our house was surrounded by cornfield, in which I played and caught bugs by the hundreds as a child (I was quite the tomboy!).

Cornfield in the Spring

For this very reason, the sights of neatly aligned little plants in the freshly planted cornfield always makes me smile. This is were the inspiration for the shawl comes from: happy, simple, childhood memories.

Geometric lace on shawl
For this shawl, I chose a yarn that reminded me of corn, by both its color and texture.  I love that the yarn I used is squishy and crisp, and it shows the clean lines of the lace pattern in a very nice way.

O Wool Classic 2-Ply
In color "Haystack"

I chose a clean and crisp lace edging, with strong geometric lines inspired by the cornfields, and coupled it with a simple, long, narrow shape.

The opposite side of the shawl is equally adorned with a very simple lace edging, adding refinement and feminity. 

A more detailed view of the lace edging:

And again, because more pictures is better than fewer:

Earth's awakening is now available for sale individually and as part of the Ode to the Spring collection!

Individual pattern:

Collection :

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