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Friday, October 11, 2013

Sweet Lilac

Sweet Lilac is the fourth shawl of my 2013 collection, 'Ode to the Spring'. The inspiration for this shawl came from my love of variegated yarns and the desire to create a fresh, modern looking classic.

Sweet Lilac shawl
Lilacs were my grandmother's favorite flower and smell, and I grew up looking forward to their appearance in every corner of the house. Now that I am all grown up, I look upon those beautiful memories every Spring when my own lilac trees are in bloom.

Sweet Lilac - close up on crescent shape

Sweet Lilac was designed with the variegated yarns in mind, using garter stitch in the body and a large eyelet pattern for the border. Long picots are adding just a touch of originality to a great classic.

Sweet Lilac crescent shape

The long narrow shape with a strong curve in the center is given by a few short rows in the middle of the shawl, which can be avoided if you dislike them.

Sweet Lilac - close up on short rows

The crescent shape makes this shawl wrap wonderfully on the shoulders and as a scarf also, for a versatile little accessory!

For this shawl, I based the design on a lovely skein of variegated yarn that was lingering in my stash for way too long! 

Knitpicks Stroll Hand painted - color Lake Front

Sweet Lilac is now available for sale individually and as part of the Ode to the Spring collection!

Individual pattern:

Collection :

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