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Saturday, August 18, 2012

It's so FLUFFY!

Welcome to my very first collection!

The idea for this collection started with the creation of a scarf I designed for my very dear grandmother as a special Christmas gift. I quickly realized how much I loved how the ruffles gave feminist and style to a simple accessory and started wondering how I could explore the addition of ruffles to simple scarfs, shawls or wraps. After almost a year of work, I finally created 5 small shawls and one wrap all using different methods for the ruffles. Being far away from home, I often find myself longing for the beautiful scenery of my childhood and this is where the inspirations from this book comes from: each design is inspired by a beautiful memory from my beloved homeland of Quebec.

There are 6 small shawls in the collection: Calumet, Millepertuis, Dune, Sauterelle, Champs Fleuris and Fluvial.

Each pattern is included in the ecollection, as well as the individual patterns when you purchase the collection via Ravelry.

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